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Living Language

I’ve been reading this book called Poetry of Asia: Five Millenniums of Verse from Thirty-three Languages. Title’s pretty self-explanatory. A lot of change in my own life right now — in work, in friends, in lifestyle, in responsibilities, in artistic goals, in future plans. It’s trippy yet comforting to be reminded of how much human … Continue reading


I read for the times that words show me a spark of truth larger than myself. I write for the off-chance that I’ll be able to give someone else that feeling someday. “Be thankful you’re healthy.” “Be bitter you’re not going to stay that way.” “Be glad you’re even alive.” “Be furious you’re going to … Continue reading

Heating Up

115 degrees. Getting too hot outside for night walks. Friends graduating, summer projects picking up, Peace Corps application submitted. Didn’t recognize myself in the mirror the night before last. It wasn’t a dramatic experience; very matter-of-fact. This is how I look now. Kind of like my father, kind of not. Sometimes it feels wrong to … Continue reading

RT: “Following” underground Web dissent in #China [part 2/2]

Last post, I made the case for Twitter as perfect weapon for Chinese dissidents, and did my best to explain how written Chinese is adapting to its fettered online habitat. Why did I do this? Why should Americans and others take interest in “online social media with Chinese characteristics”? This post attempts to answer the … Continue reading


Another too-long hiatus between posts…my career in blogging will never get off the ground at this rate. Today is occasion to jump start Tyespace, though, because today was one of my best volunteering experiences in recent memory. As I’ve mentioned in earlier posts, I run a creative writing workshop at Lodestar Day Resource Center (LDRC). … Continue reading

Poem of the Day, 4/25/11

Marginalia Remember the small things, when they reach closest to perfect: Meaning on the side of the page opposite the binding; the edges are frayed & used as bookmarks; the less like new, the more loved the book has been. — Don’t add relish when you make deviled eggs. First, empty the egg of its … Continue reading


Greatest joy of summer will be the chance to concentrate on what’s really important to me, and not what I’ve been assigned. A recent news event is jabbing me awake, along these lines. The death of photojournalist/documentarian Tim Hetherington’s in Libya yesterday is affecting me more strongly than I expected it would. Watched Restrepo all … Continue reading

One more thing worth doing

April will be the busiest month of perhaps my busiest semester of college. But in spite of (or because of?) the stresses of multiple commitments and heavy work loads, I’m adding a creative writing challenge to myself as well. “Good suffering” is suffering I declare to be necessary for my development, that I can convert … Continue reading

media stormfronts

Went to see Brian Storm present his narrative storytelling techniques and digital media business model at the Cronkite School’s 1st Amendment Forum last night. You can read for yourself what others of the 200+ crowd thought by browsing thru twitter hashtag #cronkmsm, and I’ll give my own thoughts after the jump. But first, examples of … Continue reading