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Living Language

I’ve been reading this book called Poetry of Asia: Five Millenniums of Verse from Thirty-three Languages. Title’s pretty self-explanatory. A lot of change in my own life right now — in work, in friends, in lifestyle, in responsibilities, in artistic goals, in future plans. It’s trippy yet comforting to be reminded of how much human … Continue reading


I read for the times that words show me a spark of truth larger than myself. I write for the off-chance that I’ll be able to give someone else that feeling someday. “Be thankful you’re healthy.” “Be bitter you’re not going to stay that way.” “Be glad you’re even alive.” “Be furious you’re going to … Continue reading

Library for the Homeless (pt. 2/2)

As I locked the bookcases and prepared to leave for the day, a regular who’d talked with me the week before hails me over. This time, he introduces himself as Amos Johnson, and introduces me as “the writer” to his friend, a semi-regular with a friendly, sharp face. “Amos” then launches into a full rendition … Continue reading

Library for the Homeless (pt. 1/2)

I’ve increased the time I volunteer at Lodestar Day Resource Center, now spending whole Friday afternoons watching the on-campus library so that people there have a chance to read books, play board games, and in general escape the heat. I’m still trying to run the creative writing class in the library, but it is not … Continue reading