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Heating Up

115 degrees. Getting too hot outside for night walks. Friends graduating, summer projects picking up, Peace Corps application submitted. Didn’t recognize myself in the mirror the night before last. It wasn’t a dramatic experience; very matter-of-fact. This is how I look now. Kind of like my father, kind of not. Sometimes it feels wrong to … Continue reading

RT: “Following” underground Web dissent in #China [part 2/2]

Last post, I made the case for Twitter as perfect weapon for Chinese dissidents, and did my best to explain how written Chinese is adapting to its fettered online habitat. Why did I do this? Why should Americans and others take interest in “online social media with Chinese characteristics”? This post attempts to answer the … Continue reading

RT: “Following” underground Web dissent in #China [part 1/2]

In this first post, I’ll make an argument that social media platform Twitter is a near-ideal tool for Chinese citizens to spread information and circumvent the Great Firewall. In part two, I’ll explain how I use Twitter to learn about China-based news developments, giving two examples of stories that have been developing over this weekend.

Map to reading about China (读中国新闻的地址)

So, I’m thinking that what these posts lack is focus. Starting this week, I’ll offer unique and informed viewpoints on things I’m passionate about. Of course, there will still be the occasional random poem thrown in. And concert photos. But things are getting a little more topical around here. This first series of posts will … Continue reading

What’s Necessary

Eventful week. ~Freelance articles ~increasing my weekly volunteer hours ~Working madly on my Peace Corps application ~Participated in my first-ever poetry slam. I lost soundly. But I’ll probably be doing it again before the week’s up. ~Starting a camera-photo-a-day project (for some reason) [first two photos, plus more bullet points, after the jump]