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End of the Month

I had a hard time working with the words of the day from Thursday and Friday. Both are awesome words, so the struggle was against lack of inspiration. It’s hard to put effort into a poem at 11PM, when your mind has been locked in on analytical stuff all day.

Luckily, today was three days’ worth of inspiring, and the three days’ worth of words tie together somehow, and today is the last day of National Poetry Month … so here it is. The three-part culmination of NaPoWriMo. The poem doesn’t make logical sense, but try and read it anyway, haha. Hopefully it makes intuitive sense, at least. Don’t worry too much about what the words usually mean.

The Last Three Days of April


“To truly understand American poetry in the 21st Century, you can’t
keep ignoring underground hip-hop,” she says to herself, and turns back
to see a green tree. She tries to imagine

the symmetrical, crystalline-cut designs of the leaves
falling through an axe-man’s hands.
“It’s perfect because it’s necessary—the way it captures
anger, desperation, hate, hope, revolution, oppression, love
in their own words, no one else’s.”


This should feel surreal.
This should feel better than it does.
We should feel the lessening

that comes after an epiphany:
sublime, the relief of being
on-point, then dissolving

into fond, anonymous memory.
Lung sacs never quite
heal from cigarette burns, but they won’t
get worse, at least, if you quit smoking.

A dark angel-faced young boy
with meditation & poison, says:
“I want to hurt myself tonight.”

The sky bursts open & pours
violence, and violet waves
of aurora borealis, out of season.
Then, a searing cold mist before the sky stops
pouring, and begins oozing viscous blue.

“Are pain & self-destruction worth the knowledge
you gain?” An androgynous smile

and the world becomes a lake again.
“Part of me wants to become
a great man. But another
part of me wants to abandon
everything: become honest, subversive & kind.”

Before the lake
morphs into a polygon, several distinct sea breezes
kiss palm trees, who will kiss
the realized happiness of sunlight.


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