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Poem of the Day, 4/25/11


Remember the small things, when they reach

closest to perfect: Meaning on the side

of the page opposite the binding;

the edges are frayed & used as

bookmarks; the less like new, the more

loved the book has been.

Don’t add relish

when you make deviled eggs. First, empty

the egg of its yolk. Then, after smashing

everything together with pepper, add the pickle

juice—that tangy, good flavor, without the chunky

relish stuff. Finally, add Paprika

once the egg whites are filled again and plattered.

Turn off the TV, and go

for a hike. Today, it’s beautiful

outside. If the loose rocks on the incline slope

make you slip, blame the shoes. Draw

a picture in your head: What if

the dream came true? It’s better not

to slip on your way up,

maybe, but if the climb were easy and

slip-free, who knows if you earned

your view of the city from the mountain?


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