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Greatest joy of summer will be the chance to concentrate on what’s really important to me, and not what I’ve been assigned. A recent news event is jabbing me awake, along these lines.

The death of photojournalist/documentarian Tim Hetherington’s in Libya yesterday is affecting me more strongly than I expected it would. Watched Restrepo all the way through for the first time tonight. Didn’t help take my mind off things. (For a better gauge of why this is such a heavy, melancholy moment for me, Read this, & then watch this.)  Feels like it’s never been a more dangerous, uncertain, or necessary time to be a journalist.

But anyway, I had fun with this last poem, at least. “Word of the Day” was a two-word rhyming phrase that means “useless nonsense.” So, I took the only 19 words in the English language that don’t rhyme with any other, put them in alphabetical order, threw in a few line breaks and called it a poem.

And actually, this is one of the most enjoyable things I’ve ever written. Who know.

April 21

Mumbo Jumbo

Angst Breadth

Bulb Cusp Depth

Film Glimpsed Gulf

Kiln Month



Orange Plankton

Pink Rhythm

Silver Width Yttrium.


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