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2 more poems

Note: I keep starting out with a concrete mission in mind, but these stories keep drifting into no-man’s land, haha. Any advice? Or is it working out all right? If anything else, this poem-a-day business teaches you about your own writing, and shows you where it’s at.

Forgot to post yesterday’s poem as well. It’s after the jump, along with the rest of today’s poem. Enjoy!




and you might end up on their color

-coded maps, maybe an amber

district, or maybe a red.


The paper might publish

this map, and your loved ones,

to put what you did in perspective, look

for the polygon you stole in.


Or is the data wrong?

Do the colors match the numbers?

Who maps what happens after

and before the verdict.



“I wish I could imagine you

before we met, when the cave

-dwelling clams on our plates

seemed, in their salt-taste and unlikelihood,


like a secret no

one else but us understood.”


Blinked, then: “I don’t know

if what we’re remembering is the same

thing, but we must not have eaten

clams that night. You know? Because clams

don’t live in caves. Do they? Do you remember

the rest of the story? Maybe if you describe that night


to me once more? Help

take me to where

we ate cave-clams together, baby.”


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