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4 more weeks

…until Spring semester dissolves into summer heat. Hot, but gloriously free! I doubt this will be one of my more productive summers, but after this spring, I don’t care:

Better is one’s own law though imperfectly carried out than the law of another carried out perfectly.

–Bhagavad Gita

I did write a poem yesterday, but it’s based off a rather unfortunate incident that happened to a very close friend this weekend. Probably not the best poem to publish right away, before showing anyone else.

Today’s little ditty, however, isn’t really about anything at all. Blog-worthy!


I need: fire

-wood, fires, & long runs.

The courage of tiny feet

bones. Dust

swirling, and swirling before

you can touch each mote.


I fucked you last

night. It was pretty fucking

good. Gave me nothing

to think about tonight. Gives me something

to think about tomorrow*.


*April 12, 15:23 … changed up the ending of this poem. Hopefully forgiven by NaPoWriMo gods. The last few lines weren’t effective in the way I intended, or have the narrative distance I intended. Something I would normally have caught in editing process, but such is the nature of poem-a-day publishing pace …


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