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Poem of the Day, 4/25/11

Marginalia Remember the small things, when they reach closest to perfect: Meaning on the side of the page opposite the binding; the edges are frayed & used as bookmarks; the less like new, the more loved the book has been. — Don’t add relish when you make deviled eggs. First, empty the egg of its … Continue reading


Greatest joy of summer will be the chance to concentrate on what’s really important to me, and not what I’ve been assigned. A recent news event is jabbing me awake, along these lines. The death of photojournalist/documentarian Tim Hetherington’s in Libya yesterday is affecting me more strongly than I expected it would. Watched Restrepo all … Continue reading

Still writing

Haven’t posted anything up here for several days, but I’m still churning out a poem [almost] every day. A few days ago, I started working on a theme: Word of the Day. The poems felt too disjointed, and this semester it’s been hard to keep looking around for stuff to trigger that first spark of … Continue reading

2 more poems

Note: I keep starting out with a concrete mission in mind, but these stories keep drifting into no-man’s land, haha. Any advice? Or is it working out all right? If anything else, this poem-a-day business teaches you about your own writing, and shows you where it’s at. Forgot to post yesterday’s poem as well. It’s … Continue reading

4 more weeks

…until Spring semester dissolves into summer heat. Hot, but gloriously free! I doubt this will be one of my more productive summers, but after this spring, I don’t care: Better is one’s own law though imperfectly carried out than the law of another carried out perfectly. –Bhagavad Gita I did write a poem yesterday, but … Continue reading

4/8/11 poem

“DESIGN” If this quits you, you leave. Don’t forget how to end what’s started. The patterns are not cursive, but the hollow inverse of braille. Recovery shakes, and the protein, chemically produced–how   perfect. The letters on the building across from here say DESIGN, and you don’t know where I am.

Family Trip

This poem-a-day business definitely competes with my workload, but I’m glad for the competition. Work has been the reigning champ for too long. I don’t expect to get more than a few hours of sleep anymore … Another poem written mostly on the Light Rail, watching and admiring as three middle-aged moms held their eight … Continue reading

One more thing worth doing

April will be the busiest month of perhaps my busiest semester of college. But in spite of (or because of?) the stresses of multiple commitments and heavy work loads, I’m adding a creative writing challenge to myself as well. “Good suffering” is suffering I declare to be necessary for my development, that I can convert … Continue reading