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16 sides, 3 friends, 1 crazy night

I traveled to downtown Tucson last night to see my first ever show at Plush: The Octopus Project [Austin, TX], with openers Stareater [Tucson] and Treasure Mammal [Phoenix]. It was a crazy time getting down there, with engines overheating and cars being borrowed and getting semi-lost on the way to meet up with old friends before walking back down Congress St. in time for new friends to change into spandex unitards for their live performance.

All in all, it was a pretty stellar night, one that ended with me chatting up the members of Octopus Project about their newest album, among other things. I’m writing about it for State Press Magazine at the moment, so won’t divulge anything further, but I can still share the photos I snapped at the show…

Now obviously, some of these are unedited, and some are Photoshop-tweaked, but hopefully all are enjoyable.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


So yeah, obviously an amazing night. Kind of wish I’d seen this full version of “Hexadecagon,” though…



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