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New blog-ginnings

Reading some poems in the backyard this afternoon, sipping a cup o’ joe and my shoulders sore from exercise … I look up from the thin book and burnt sienna leaves are falling all around me, gently, to form an ambient carpet of gravel and leaf-crunch.

Autumn, in December!

One of those moments where things make sense the way they do sometimes.

It felt good, because all the news I’ve read/watched today made no sense, or worse, made hard sense–that other kind of clarity of mind that’s caused by pure, unconfused sadness.

Anyway. The purpose of this blog is to maintain a living, easily-to-update online presence for myself, riffing off my personal/professional site: [in-progress]

Tune back in for new published articles/links, maybe some commentary, maybe some original creative writing, stuff like that.


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